Unique Concept

Nortrip connects motorhome travellers who want to experience the authentic Norway, with hosts that have something special to offer.

The Nortrip Hosts

Our hosts are local farms and farm sales, dairies, microbreweries, cideries, mountain shielings and much more.

Parking included

For Nortrippers with a valid membership, motorhome parking is included at all Nortrip hosts'. Membership is included with purchase of the Nortrip guidea.

The Nortrip guide is an experience guide for motorhome travellers. Experience our hosts from Agder in the south to Finnmark in the north, and park for free until the next day. Our hosts are local farm sales, dairies, micro-breweries, cideries and much more. The Nortrip guide comes both as a physical book and as an app, with descriptions of the places and what they can offer. It is possible to buy only the app.

Experience Unique Norway

Ecotourism is becoming increasingly popular in Norway. The 2022 Nortrip-guide presents hosts from Finnmark in the north to Agder i the south, offering some very special experiences. At the Nortrip hosts' you can buy delicious local food, try your hand at farming or fish from a raft in the local fishpond. In addition to farms, we also have dairies, microbreweries and mountain shielings. Common to them all is that they have set aside 1-3 parking spaces which are reserved for motorhome travellers with a valid Nortrip-membership (Nortrippers).

Host Categories

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Farm Shops

Have your dinner in a charming granary, or buy some locally produced takeaway you can enjoy in your motorhome.


The tastiest cheeses are produced according to proud traditions and are well worth a taste!

Breweries & Cideries

Beer brewing is popular as never before. If you stop by a local brewery or cidery, you can have a glass in the evening and drive on the next day.


Many of our hosts also offer activities in addition to locally produced food and drink. Might you fancy a canoe trip, fishing in the local trout waters or perhaps a whale watch?


Visit the olden days! We have several motor history museums with exciting exhibits featuring treasures from back in the days!


Or how about a breath of fresh air? Some of our hosts are shielings in an idyllic landscape.

International Concept

The concept of experiences combined with motorhome parking started in France as far back as 1993. In 2015 it found its way to Sweden, before Denmark followed in 2018. Now we are proud to bring the concept to Norway! In the autumn of 2021, Nortrip became a member of the European Federation of the Invitations Formula (FEFI).